How to Achieve the Perfect Winged Eye


Sophia Loren, Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Diana Ross, Nefertiti, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Julie Newmar…..what do they all have in common?

They all rocked the perfect and timeless winged eye, AKA cat eye, with class, style, trend, strength, beauty, and confidence!

But where did this undying makeup trend come from? Can we study history to unveil ancient culture and medicinal practices that have consistently influenced Hollywood, fashion, and everyday looks?

Let’s take a second to travel back a few thousand years before I start my makeup tutorial so we can appreciate why this elegant look has graced so many generations, genres, and cultures.

In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred and I have to wonder if they were the inspiration behind Queen Nefertiti’s and Cleopatra’s iconic eyes. Could it also be that there was some protective qualities to the eye makeup that often took the Ancient Egyptians a month to make?

Researchers from the Louvre Museum think so!

They recently suggested that Egyptians applied makeup 4,000 years ago, to darken and enhance their eyes, in order to ward off infections. Very low doses of lead were found in the makeup, which scientist believe promoted immune cells to prevent and treat eye illnesses. Egyptians didn’t know about the detrimental effects of lead back then, but were privy to it’s benefits. Interestingly, other properties of the eye makeup acted as a fly-deterrent and probably protected Ancient Egyptians eyes from the extreme sunlight they were exposed to on a daily basis.

How’s that for your daily health and history lesson? Who says you aren’t worldly and beautiful?

So, instead of donning a new pair of those $700 Gucci Cat Eye sunglasses with crystals to the beach this year, whip out your favorite eyeliner and eye makeup to create that sun protecting cat eye. If someone mocks you, just tell them that Cleopatra, Sophia, and Bardot all said it was cool to do! (Bring those polarized 100% UV babys too!).

So, let’s start drawing!

I’ve never really been one to take great risks when it comes to makeup, except for a chic and prominent red lip. And I for sure, never rocked a perfectly winged cat eye like the Greats I mentioned above.

Growing up by the beach, I always stuck to my go-to natural, wide-eyed, soft, bronze look. Sometimes going out of our comfort zone is a little intimidating, especially if you’re anything like me and have a down to earth kinda beauty style.

I’m learning that fear is what holds us back from our dreams, so I figured I’d start incorporating small, achievable practices in my life that take me out of the boundaries I’ve unintentionally set for myself.

Today, I’m going to start by learning how to apply the perfectly winged eye so that I can wear this timeless and standout makeup look with confidence and grace the next time I dress up and go out!

You’ll laugh, but whenever I try a more dramatic look, I somehow always look like I was punched in the face! Can you relate? Obviously, not exactly the stunning look I’m ever going for on a special night out.

So what’s a girl to do?

Thankfully, I’m friends with a, “way too talented for words,” makeup artist. Her name’s Sam Ruh and you’ve seen her work before. Remember that Butterfly Beauty 90’s Inspired Tutorial ?! Oh, and who could forget that beach glam look she gave me for my Updated Florals For Spring post?! Needless to say, when it comes to makeup, I’m always in good hands with Sam!

That’s why I called her when I was getting major cat eye envy from vintage pictures of Brigette Bardot. I recently developed a serious girl crush on Brigette. I mean, her style, her hair, overall aesthetic, signature makeup, and her Girl Next Door/Bombshell look, all had me giving her like a million heart eyes. Don’t worry Zac, my heart still belongs to you!

Sam came over to my place last week to show me how I could achieve such a dramatic eye look, without looking too intense. She layered liners, shadows, and falsies to transport me to a glamorous time in fashion and beauty. Best part?! I got to wear this look all day and it felt great, even as I shopped in Trader Joes for my monthly supply of nuts, coconut & olive oil, Kalamata olives, and sun-dried tomatoes! Yeah, I got a few stares, but I just stared right back, smiled with grace, and kept confidently pushing my cart! (:

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye

I love this Winged Eye look for any special occasion that you’re looking to have heads turn. There’s no doubt that when you bat these eyes at your next party, that people will be wondering who that bombshell of a Bardot type is.

Just remember to wear your confidence as well as your eyeliner because the legend goes that it was Cleopatra’s charisma, intellect, and charm, as much as her beauty, that won over so many influential men. You can paint a face, but it’s the face, mind, body, and spirit who “cat walks” the makeup.

I promise, you too can create this look without a makeup expert! Once Sam showed me how I could wing my eyes to perfection, I excitedly tried it out the next day for myself. Turns out, it’s not so scary after all! When I was done applying my makeup, I didn’t look like I had gotten taken out back by the local mean girl. LOL

I tweaked the look a little to just give me me a hint of cat eye as I was just meeting a friend to help her design her website. My eyes looked more open, fresh, and exotic and I felt Great. I walked out the door with a new air of confidence and I’m pretty sure I heard myself spontaneously utter “meooow!”

Want to learn how to apply the perfect winged eye like me?  Follow the Steps Below to create this ancient, glamorous, old hollywood, timeless eye look.

Don’t forget to snap a black and white when you try it out yourself.  I can’t wait to see your eyes lined to Catfection!

What makeup trends do you want the breakdown on, next? Leave me a comment below or tag me @Hay.b !

Cheers to confidence, taking risks, having fun, and dressing up! Have a fabulous day Beautiful!

How to Achieve the Perfect Winged Eye

  1. Go through your normal face makeup routine.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  2. Apply Too Faced Natural Love “Heaven” all over the lid the lid

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  3. Apply Too Faced Natural Love “Nudie” in the crease and blend out

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  4. Using Tarteist Liner, tight line the upper lash line

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  5. Draw a wing using Too Faced Natural Love “Stiletto” and an eyeliner brush.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  6. Go over your wing with Tarteist Liner for a more dramatic and graphic look

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged EyeCat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  7. Smoke under the waterline with “Nudie” shadow and “Stiletto”. Blend Out.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  8. Re Line everything with Liquid Liner MUFE

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  9. Apply Skin toned Liner Stila to waterline

  10. Apply IT Superhero Mascara to upper and lower lashes.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye
  11. Line lips with “Ex Girlfriend” by Urban Decay

  12. Apply “So Cute” gloss by Kylie Cosmetics on lips.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged EyeCat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged EyeCat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged EyeCat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged EyeCat Eye Makeup Tutorial, Winged Eye

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  • kate
    June 1, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    Beautiful pics & good instruction

    • Hayley
      June 12, 2017 at 10:26 am

      Thanks Kate!!

  • Tricia
    June 1, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Your whole makeup look is great! I’m a huge fan of winged eyeliner. I wear it a lot!

  • Marina
    June 2, 2017 at 2:12 am

    The eyeliner suits you soo much! You look great, I personally love this look but I can never pull it off myself. Idk what it is but I can never get them symmetrical ahah. Great tips! Maybe I’ll give it a shot again with your tips

  • Luci
    June 2, 2017 at 2:33 am

    I always struggled in doing a winged eye look. Will have to try this tip.

  • Luci
    June 2, 2017 at 2:35 am

    I always struggled in doing a winged eye on myself. One side would look good then the other side not. Will have to try this technique next time.

  • Cenza
    June 2, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Love the great tips and the story behind the cat eye. So interesting and fun! Def gonna try practicing those techniques so the next time I go out I can rock the cat eye! love love!

  • LK
    June 2, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    I am horrible at eye make-up. This is a really great explanation! And the pics help!!

  • Zesty Olive
    June 2, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Wow- great photos! I appreciate the tips and I would be lucky to achieve such a beautiful look! 🙂