8 Ways to Be Happier at Work

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You’re at work for most of your day, so creating an environment that you can feel your best is very valuable.

But maintaining a good attitude when you’re stressed, exhausted and just over it, isn’t always the easiest task to cross off your list.

This past summer I spent more time then I can count working on various freelance projects for a production company. There have definitely been a few moments when I’ve felt overwhelmed.  When you’re surrounded by big personalities, long hours and the ever so tempting craft service table you need to have some tactics in place to stay sane.

Maintaining happiness at work also makes you better at your job. If you’re constantly dreading a situation or looking at it with a negative outlook, you’re already stopping the opportunity to learn, be challenged and have fun.

I’ve always loved to work and work hard for that matter. I think it’s something that was instilled in me since a little girl. Now that I’m a big girl and my stress is a little bigger then designing Barbie’s daily fashion show I’ve had to adjust my lifestyle to maintain happiness.

It takes work, to be happy at work, but you can totally work it!

8 Ways to be Happier at Work

Set a Daily Goal

Setting a goal at work gives you more purpose for being there. This goal can be as simple as asking your boss more questions or learning a new way to perform a task you do all the time.

I work with a lot of creative people and I love being able to learn new skills and ways of thinking from everyone.

One goal that I set for myself recently was to not be afraid to share my ideas with people. It can for sure be intimidating to put yourself out there, especially since I am so young and work in an industry with so much talent.

After the initial rip off the bandaid phase, I’ve been able to become more comfortable in expressing my ideas and speaking up. And since, I’ve actively noticed myself being given more responsibility and opportunities.

Whatever the goal, setting one will make your more focused, curious and accomplished. (And happy!)

Eat a Good Breakfast

Remember when your mom always used to nag you to eat breakfast before school?

Well, turns out mom was right….again.

Fueling yourself in the AM with with proper nutrition can make or break getting your day off to a great or slow start.

At my job we get bagels every single morning and for some this is a great breakfast to give them some morning energy. For me, when I cave into those warm and crusty bagel cravings, I feel ready for bed at 7 in the morning. It just doesn’t work for me.

On more days then most I start my day with a superfood smothie. It contains a little fruit, almond butter, almond milk, ashwaganda powder, reishi mushroom powder, spirulina, maca powder, almond milk and sometimes a little plan based protein powder.

I look forward to the morning energy jolt that my go to breakfast gives me. And when my belly is happy, ya girl is happy to.

Socialize with Coworkers

You’re all in this together, so you might as well have fun right?

I’m naturally someone who’s outgoing and wants to be friends with everyone. Making friendships at work is kind of unavoidable for me LOL!

But seriously, having someone you can go to or make your day a little silly will actually help you be more productive. It also makes the the day feel less like a job and more like an adventure.

And by making friends at work, you’re exposed to different personalities then those in your existing social group.

One of my besties at work is named Rachel or Rae for short. Besides being a smiley ray of sunshine with quick wit and killer taste in tunes, she is passionate about reducing waste in America. Through our friendship, I’ve learned so much about recycling, composting, using less energy and skipping the bag at checkout!

I can’t even imagine how much less I would know if I kept coworker relationships to “strictly business.”

I’ve made some really great friendships, and I feel like I work with a team of people that I can trust. Such a great feeling!

Socialize with Non-Coworkers

Although having meaningful relationships at work can improve your happiness, it’s important to not loose touch with your life outside of the office.

If you aren’t nurturing meaningful relationships with your non work friends you’ll become overly consumed in every drama of your dynamic.

I’ve struggled with this, because sometimes I’m just too tired to go out and socialize on the weekends. It’d be easier for me to Netflix and Chill with my puppy until Monday rolls around.

However, forcing myself to do things for myself on the weekend make me a much happier and more helpful coworker during the 9-5 week.

Dress For Success

I don’t know about you, (but I’m feeling 22) but when I don’t like my outfit I have a hard time kicking a$$ all day. It sounds silly, but feeling confident in your fashion choices can really make or break a day.

I always try to wear outfits that express who I am, are flattering and lastly (sometimes) comfortable. I feel happier and more creative all day if I’m rocking something that I feel good in. Your coworkers will notice to, and who can deny how happy a nice compliment feels once in a while.

I have a pretty casual dress code where I work and I know that some of you have less room for interpretation. I wore a uniform to school until I went to college, so i feel the struggle ladies. Just focus on adding personal touches to make what you wear a little more you.

Remember the clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes!

Get Enough Sleep

It’s hard to not be irritable and cranky if you’re missing out on much needed shut eye. When your body is exhausted you don’t have the ability to be quick on your feet and show everyone why you deserve to be at work.

Blowing off sleep will eventually catch up to you and effect your happiness.

Additionally, being sleep deprived will make snacking on junk food or abusing coffee that much easier.

Shut off the Hulu, put down that phone and go to sleep!

Rock Out

A lot of my day at work is spent shopping, so I don’t know what I would do without music. Every girl needs her “Strut Down the Street” jams right?!

Music has the ability to change your mood and make work a little more fun.

I love Spotify, because I’m able to create my own playlists and find new music based on their recommendations.

So grab you ear buds and take a listen, it sounds good.

Do Something You Love

All in all, I love what I do and am genuinely excited to get up for work in the morning. Sometimes when I’m off I actually get FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) thinking about all the fun people are having without me.

Finding a job that challenges, inspires and teaches you will give you the confidence to create the happy life you deserve.

If you’re not doing something you love, make little goals in changing your environment. This could be taking a class outside of work or just changing how you look at your role at the company.

You never have to feel stuck, because it’s never too late to try something new. In a year from now, you’ll be wishing you started today!

It just makes sense, when you love what you do there’s no way to not be happy!

I hope that you all can relate to me in wanting to create a happy work life! I can’t wait to hear what you all do to make sure you’re making the best out of your job! Let’s chat in the comments below!

xx. hay

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