Jen's Pirate Booty Review

Romantic Beachy Bohemian Style with Jen’s Pirate Booty


If you don’t know by now, I love the beach and everything that goes with it. The salty air, the sand between my toes and the cool ocean breeze that makes my hair dance in all different directions.

I’m drawn to fashion that reminds me of these summer moments. Designs that are free, feminine, full of texture, color and embody the playful sensations of summer.

Jen’s Pirate Booty is one of my favorite apparel brands and truly captures the spirit of my personal style. Based in Malibu and all produced in Los Angeles, CA, the brand is constantly putting a fresh spin on their iconic romantic, beachy and bohemian style.

In every collection they dream up they always include new gauze styles that are hand-dyed. None is completely like another, capturing the unique vision of each design. How beautiful is that?

I’m always trying to find pieces for my wardrobe that are special in their own way. This lace-up tie die gauze dress was a no-brainer. When I saw it, I had to have it!

Playful, , organic, sexy and free are words that I’d use to describe this dress. It’s the perfect look to stroll the beach barefoot at sunset and then slip wedges on to walk the boardwalk, ride the ferris wheel, or dine at your favorite spot with your lovey or besties.

Can we talk about those bell sleeves?! Perfect for dancing in the sunshine to your favorite summer song, old or new.

The navy and nude color combo make a perfect pair here and a little classy tie die embellishment makes this dress a must-have!

Once you slip on this dress (with a capital S), you’ll feel how organic and soft the material feels on your skin while making you feel powerful in a gentle way, look a bit whimsical, and feel earthy and sophisticated at the same time.

You choice. Wear this Jen’s Pirate Booty dress to brunch, over your bathing suit from the beach, to the cafe, club, bistro, rooftop bar, or all of the above. When versatility meets style, comfort and feel-good vibes, you buy the dress!

To complete this look on this day, I styled it with my favorite summer sandals and vintage choker. Always be fearlessly creative to add your own personal style to a dress or outfit. This can be achieved in the most simple way or with great drama, your choice for how you feel in that moment.

So, wear this style perfectly thrown over a kini’ with your favorite sandals and beach bag, or dress it up for a night out!

For beauty, keep it natural and let your true beauty shine. A little bronzer, a touch of mascara and a few sprays of your favorite texturizing spray are all you need girl!

Have fun!


Hay’s Picks ~ Jen’s Pirate Booty

Jen's Pirate Booty Review Jen's Pirate Booty Review Jen's Pirate Booty Review Jen's Pirate Booty Review Jen's Pirate Booty Review  

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